7 Physiotherapy Myths Debunked

Written by Scott Gentle
Physiotherapist, University of Queensland
Medically reviewed by Dr Gina Arena
Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Reviewed on July 15, 2022

Physiotherapist assess the lower back of her patient

Physiotherapists are rehabilitation experts who help people manage pain, restore mobility, regain function and improve quality of life.

You may be weighing up different service providers for your pain and injury, in this article, we discuss some of the myths related to physiotherapy. However, if you are comparing health services or trying to decide which health care provider is for you, we have created some great articles to help you make an informed choice.

Myths regarding Physiotherapy in Australia

Physiotherapy has tons of benefits and is essential for complete recovery after a severe injury. However, some misconceptions discourage people from relying on rehabilitation, which can be detrimental to their recovery.

Myth 1. I need a doctor’s referral

Doctor’s referrals are not necessary to have physiotherapy. Physiotherapists have doctorate-level degrees that are centred around health care and treatment.

They are allowed to practice independently and provide health care to people suffering from injuries and other medical conditions.

Myth 2. Treatment is painful

Physiotherapists are pain specialists that use techniques to decrease your pain and help you manage other symptoms. Your physio will ensure to work within your pain tolerance to improve your healing and help you regain function significantly.

Myth 3. Physiotherapy is only for severe injuries

Physiotherapists are skilled at diagnosing underlying health concerns before they can lead to a more severe injury. Physiotherapy can also help prevent injuries before they can even occur through strength and conditioning programs.

Myth 4. Any health care provider can perform physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a highly specialised branch of rehabilitation medicine that require board certification and license to practice. A physio may further specialise in other areas of health such as neurology, sports, orthopaedic and more.

Myth 5. Physiotherapy services are not covered by insurance

Physiotherapy is part of health care services and is covered by most insurance policies. Furthermore, physiotherapy reduces illness costs by helping people avoid unnecessary and costly imaging scans and surgeries.

Myth 6. Surgery is the only option

Most musculoskeletal cases can improve through physiotherapy and can be as effective as surgery. It is also one of the most effective conservative treatments recommended by medical professionals.

Myth 7. I can do physiotherapy myself

Being active in your treatment program is vital to your recovery. However, a physio can guide you to maximise your recovery and help your body heal properly.

Physiotherapists use their clinical expertise and scientific evidence to provide high-quality care and ensure the improvement of your condition.

Take away

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective and safest forms of conservative treatment that you could try. It is cost-effective and can help prevent injuries from getting worse. Book a consultation now with a physiotherapist near you.

Written by Scott Gentle
Physiotherapist, University of Queensland
Published on July 15, 2022
Medically reviewed by Dr Gina Arena
Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Reviewed on July 15, 2022
Medical reviewers
Last medically reviewed on July 15, 2022
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