Meet the team that has your back, and whatever else hurts too.

At, we come to work every day to empower Australians to get back to feeling their best - no matter what they're dealing with.
We thrive on a culture built on transparency and continuous improvement, where we can add value and support you.
As a team, we are committed to building and nurturing inclusive teams at every level, and we seek out individuals who bring unique perspectives and experiences and an eagerness to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our core principles guide us on everything we build and strive to be.

Start and End with the Customer
We create, build, and execute to improve the lives of our patients. At Physio Near Me, we put the hard work in, when no one is looking.
Act from Ownership
When we notice a problem or issue, we roll up our sleeves and fix it fast. We hold ourselves accountable because it’s our responsibility to take care of it.
Build Openness
We are open book, honest, and direct about problems, seek the truth, assume good intentions, and treat feedback as a valuable gift.
1% Better Every Day
We take a growth mindset approach and operate from a place of humility. We are energised by continually improving.
Startup Mentality
We move quickly, operate with urgency, and bias towards action without sacrificing any quality. We are relentlessly resourceful.
One Team, One Dream
Our power is our community that combines technology skills + operational excellence and talent - plus respect. We work through problems together and have genuine care for each other personally and professionally.
Results Matter
We have a clear focus on outputs and outcomes and hold ourselves accountable for hitting ambitious goals. We set ourselves a high bar and pay attention to the pixels, words, value and results.
Celebrate Moments
We work unforgivingly for our patients, clinics and teammates, so we take the time to celebrate moments large and small.

The Team

Matthew Gregory - Co-founder & Head of Product
Matthew GregoryCo-founder & Head of Product
Scott Gentle - Co-founder & Head of Operations
Scott GentleCo-founder & Head of Operations
Madeleine BootheLegal Counsel
James DutaillisDesign Lead
AnnaDesign Lead - UX
DanDevelopment Lead - Engineering
RuslanSenior Back-End Engineer
YuriiSenior Front-End Engineer
Nicole O'Brien
Nicole O'BrienStrategy Consultant
George Masselos
George MasselosStrategy Consultant
Tegan Harlow
Tegan HarlowOperations Manager
Jane Oja
Jane OjaHead of Communication
Majella Campbell
Majella CampbellHead of People & Culture
Brett Cruickshanks
Brett CruickshanksMarketing Consultant
Charles Jordan
Charles JordanVideographer

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is responsible for ensuring the content on meets the standards we set in our
“For those of us working at, the topic of healthcare is something we’re all passionate about - which is what motivates us to build upon our library of health information, to help you get back to feeling your best - no matter what you're dealing with.”- Leon Mao, Senior Content Producer
Jamie PageSenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
Nikita MistrySenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
Dr Gina ArenaSenior ContributorQualified Research Fellow
Leon MaoSenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
Leah Bell-SteeleSenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist


We are always on the lookout for hard-working and talented (Engineers, UX, UI, Sales, Data) people to join our team.
If you are passionate about challenging the status quo and want to improve the lives of our patients, and tell us why you want to work with us. is Australia’s #1 physiotherapy booking site. We aim to help everyday Australian’s access reliable, evidence-based health information and suitable treatment options via our booking engine.

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