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Victoria or "VIC" is a southeastern Australian state bordered by the Bass Strait in the south and the Tasman Sea in the southeast. With a land area of 87,817 sq mi, Victoria is the second-smallest state on the continent.

It is also the most densely populated state, with around 28 people per km2. The total population of Victoria is more than 6.6 million as of September 2020.

The neighbouring states of Victoria include New South Wales, ACT, South Australia, and Tasmania. Victoria is famous for its Great Ocean Road, which stretches across some magnificent tourist attractions, like national parks, fascinating towns, and a stunning coastline.

Victoria experiences a range of geographical features like the Victorian Alps, and diverse climates, as seen in its temperate central and coastal regions.

History of Victoria

The state's original inhabitants were mainly Aboriginal Australian nations known to occupy the area for thousands of years before the Europeans set foot.

The state of Victoria got her name after Queen Victoria, who had been ruling Britain for 14 years when Victoria was being colonised.

Facilities in Victoria

There are many primary and secondary schools in Victoria, which are either privately or publicly funded. The public or government schools are operated directly by the Victorian Department of Education. Besides, the state has nine universities, out of which the first to offer degrees is the University of Melbourne.

Furthermore, a few libraries exist, such as the State Library Victoria and other local lending libraries.

There are good transportation services in the state, including the Victorian road network, tram networks like Yarra Trams, and rail transport systems, including Metro Trains Melbourne and V/Line. There are airways (Melbourne Airport) and ferries (Port of Melbourne) as well.

Famous Destinations Around Victoria

Grampians National Park

This magnificent park has a beautiful scenic diversity, ranging from waterfalls to sandstone ridges and vivid Spring wildflowers.

Phillip Island

The island is known for its most adorable colony of penguins, which attracts tourists from across the world.


If you are a history lover, you will love this place. At the Bendigo Town Hall, you can have some fascinating insights into the bygone days of Victoria. is Australia’s #1 physiotherapy booking site. We aim to help everyday Australian’s access reliable, evidence-based health information and suitable treatment options via our booking engine.

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