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Searching for a physiotherapy appointment in Australia near you? was created to help patients find a nearby physiotherapist today. Choose from multiple clinics right across Australia and get your pain or injury treated, whether you have ankle pain, a rotator cuff tear or tennis elbow, find an availability today.
Started feeling soreness in my thigh during footy three weeks ago. I would like to see a physiotherapist that is experienced with sporting injuries.
I would like to see a local physiotherapist that isn't too far from me and is capable of treating ankle sprains.
I'm a 36 year old tennis player and recently hurt my ankle on Friday. I'm desperate for a local physiotherapy clinic who can treat my issue and is available this afternoon.
With my job as a teacher, I continually have upper back pain. I need to find an Australian physio with availability today.
I'm looking for a physiotherapist, preferably open late, however, I am also happy to make a booking before work.
On Thursday, I really hurt my left heel at netball - it is only getting worse and I don't think I'll be able to get to work.
My fiance hurt herself on the way to work on Wednesday; her injury remains the same, I need to find her a physiotherapist available asap.
I rolled my ankle, and need to see a physiotherapist on the weekend.
My doctor suggested that I have an acute wry neck, I need to find a physio near me with a free time slot.
The ache in my right shoulder is getting worse, I recently relocated to Australia and need to find a physiotherapist nearby.
My daughter needs a local physiotherapist who's available tomorrow.
Can I see a physiotherapist nearby that will treat me on Monday?
I hurt myself on the weekend playing sport. I need to book a physio to diagnose my injury.
I need an appointment today with a physiotherapist near me, who has experience in treating ITB syndrome.
As a 68 year old retiree, I am now play tennis and I severely injured my wrist yesterday. I need to book a physio who has many years of fixing my type of problem promptly.
I have just flared up my shoulder pain. I need to book a physiotherapist with availability today.
I'm looking for a physiotherapist, ideally open on weekends, otherwise I will need a timeslot before work.
Just the other day, I had pain in my left knee at swimming - it's getting worse and I need some help.
I have shoulder bursitis, and my friend suggested I see a local physiotherapist.
I might have achilles tendinopathy, is there a physio nearby with an appointment available.
My migraines flared up on the weekend, I recently moved, so need a new physiotherapist nearby.
My son is searching for a local physio that can assess his injury next week.
Is it possible to book a physiotherapist that is available after hours?
My daughter hurt herself playing on the trampoline last weekend; her injury remains, looking for an experienced practitioner who can help her out.

Do Australian physiotherapists bulk bill?

Some physiotherapists in Australia bulk bill; however each physiotherapy clinic will have their own policy. It is best to speak to the clinic directly to understand whether or not they will bulk bill.

How much does a physiotherapist in Australia cost?

As a guide, physiotherapists charge within the range of $79 and $129 for an initial appointment, with the average cost of a physiotherapist in Australia around $104.

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist in Australia?

You can bring a referral if you have one, however, it isn't required when seeing a physiotherapist in Australia.

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