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When you’re in pain or injured, we know the most important thing is to be able to locate and book a physio as soon as possible. And until now, finding a physio involved researching, ringing, and being put on hold while the receptionist looks through their calendar to find a time that works. Most of the time, your preferred time is unavailable, which means waiting several weeks to be treated - and booking a physio where and when you wanted was near impossible. With the (Book Physio), you can bypass all the rigmarole, by booking an appointment with a nearby physio in less than 60 seconds.

Absolutely. We take privacy and security very seriously and make it our priority. It is one of the hallmarks of our site, to help everyday Aussies find a physio nearby simply and safely.

No, we are not a clinic. Book Physio is simply a booking platform. We sit between patients and clinics - adding value on either side.

Yes, is an Australian company, that began in Sydney and has now expanded nationwide.

Book Physio is a completely free service. Search your local area, find a nearby physiotherapist, and book a time that suits you - all in under 60 seconds.

Our partnered clinics have varying fees for their physiotherapy services, which you can expect to pay upon visiting their clinic. No additional charges are applied when using

If you are located in Australia, then the answer is yes. Our service aims to provide you with options right across the country. Just enter your location of choice, and we will display the next available appointments. was created by two Aussie mates trying to make the process of finding and booking a physiotherapist hassle-free and straightforward. You can book almost anything online, from a haircut to a restaurant, so why not physiotherapy? So Book Physio was born.

Simply enter the suburb or location where you would like to visit a physiotherapist, and we will connect you with the closest clinics and show you their availability. Select the time and date that suits you best, and that’s it!

I really hurt my buttock playing squash two weeks ago. I need a physiotherapy clinic that has a time free today.

I've really hurt my back again, is there a physio near me available today?

As a 68 year old retiree, I am now a regular golfer and hiker and heard a pop in my elbow last weekend. I need a physio who knows how to treat my issue after hours today.

As a tradie, I tend to deal with lower back pain. I need to find a physio with a free timeslot.

Last Monday, I hurt the soft area of my upper trap muscles at basketball - it is worse in the morning and now it's hard to move.

Bursitis is flaring up, and need a physiotherapist on Thursday.

My girlfriend injured herself at work last Friday; her injury isn't improving, looking for an experienced practitioner who can look after her.

I've been told I have a meniscus tear in my knee, I need to book a physiotherapist near me who can look after me.

That ache in my right shoulder got worse on Saturday, I have recently relocated to Sydney, accordingly, I need to find a physiotherapist local to me. is Australia’s #1 physiotherapy booking site. We aim to help everyday Australian’s access reliable, evidence-based health information and suitable treatment options via our booking engine.

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