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Our editorial team is responsible for ensuring the content on BookPhysio.com meets the standards we set in our
The team also provides the strategic direction of our content creation and works closely with a panel of expert contributors and medical reviewers to ensure the content on BookPhysio.com is up to date and accurate
“For those of us working at BookPhysio.com, the topic of healthcare is something we’re all passionate about - which is what motivates us to build upon our library of health information, to help you get back to feeling your best - no matter what you're dealing with.”- Leon Mao, Senior Content Producer
Dr Leon Mao
Leon Mao, Senior Content ProducerBachelor of Science with Honours, Doctorate of Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)
Leon Mao is responsible for producing and editing content on BookPhysio.com and guiding the strategic direction of the content produced.
In his role in the leadership team, Leon is also responsible for ensuring our content meets the standards we set in our overall editorial policy. Leon works closely with our panel of expert contributors and medical reviewers to ensure that what we publish is up to date and accurate.
Dr Gina Arena
Dr Gina Arena — Senior Medical ReviewerResearch Fellow & Lecturer at the University of Western Australia
Dr Gina Arena is the senior medical reviewer for content published within BookPhysio.com’s patient resources. All articles are reviewed by Dr Arena to ensure medical accuracy, with appropriate primary literature citations to bolster the evidence behind the content.

Editorial Contributors and Experts

We aim to construct content that is balanced and objective. To this end, we maintain a healthy relationship between many different Australian-based health practitioners - who often contribute and provide perspective from their area of medical expertise.
Jamie PageSenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
Nikita MistrySenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
Leah Bell-SteeleSenior ContributorQualified Physiotherapist
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