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Do you need a physio in Tamworth? is an Australian owned physical therapy booking platform built to help everyday Australians find physical therapy availabilities in under 60 seconds. Find a time and a clinic near you in Tamworth, NSW. Whether you have shoulder pain, tendinopathy or other musculoskeletal injuries, book a time today.

It is not necesary to have a referral to see a local physio in Tamworth.

Most physios charge between $83 and $115, which is an average of $99 for an appointment in Tamworth.

Damaged my neck at golf five weeks ago. I want to locate a Tamworth physiotherapy clinic that has a time free today.

Is it possible to see a physio in Tamworth that will treat me now?

I want to find a physio clinic in Tamworth, it would be helpful if they were good at helping ACL tears.

As a retiree, I'm a social swimmer and feeling 6/10 pain in my foot on Tuesday. I'm desperate for a Tamworth physiotherapy clinic who has many years of fixing my type of problem and is available this afternoon.

As an international pilot, there is always some underlying painful upper back. I need someone in Tamworth who can look after me.

Three weeks ago, I felt pain in my upper trap muscles at basketball - it is worse at night and I can't get to work.

My girlfriend injured herself pulling out a bunch of weeds last weekend; her pain is perhaps getting a little worse, looking for the best physio who is free.

I did some goolging and think I have osteitis pubis, gotta find a physiotherapist nearby in Tamworth with an appointment available.

My back pain flared up yesterday, I'm new to Tamworth, and I need a new physiotherapist local to me.

I need to see a physiotherapist nearby who can assess my injury on Wednesday.

I have shoudler bursitis, and need to see a physio on Monday. is Australia’s #1 physiotherapy booking site. We aim to help everyday Australian’s access reliable, evidence-based health information and suitable treatment options via our booking engine.

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