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BookPhysio is an appointment site built to connect Aussies with the best Sports physiotherapy clinics across Australia. Like a referral from a close friend, Book Physio has the details for you to make an appointment with a nearby Australian physiotherapy clinic!

Whether you're situated in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Darwin, we’ll connect you with the best Sports physiotherapy clinic near you. In 60 seconds, gain access to treatment options for your injury. Type your nearest location in Australia, and select an availability that suits you.

Who is BookPhysio for?

Anyone looking for a sports physio in Australia. was built to help Aussies from all walks of life connect with a nearby physiotherapist. Whether you’re a tradesperson or a mum of two, Book Physio can connect you with a local physiotherapist right for you.

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I began experiencing pain in my thigh during a soccer game a couple of days ago. I'm looking for a female sports physiotherapist that has an appointment today.

My husband is looking for a sports physio clinic, ideally an expert in managing plantar fasciitis.

I am a 51 year old Crossfit enthusiast and recently hurt my shoulder last Tuesday. I'm desperate for a sports physiotherapy clinic who can fix my problem today or tomorrow.

Due to my physical job, I continue to aggravate my pain in my leg. I need a physiotherapist who can look after me.

Last Monday, I hurt my lower right back at cricket - my injury is flaring up and I need some help.

My girlfriend injured herself on a bushwalk yesterday; her pain has not gotten any better, searching for a physiotherapist available to see her.

Golfers elbow is playing up, and I need to see a physiotherapist.

In doing some reading, I think I've got golfers elbow, I really need a sports physiotherapist near me with a free time slot.

I did some reseach and think I've got pes planus, is there a physiotherapist nearby who can help me.

My daughter would like to see a physiotherapist local to me that can assess my injury on Wednesday.

Can I see a physio that's open on Monday?

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