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BookPhysio is a free service providing patients with a simple way to book a nearby physio. Simply use our ‘find a physio near me’ function above, input your current location and select a suitable time from the list of nearby physiotherapy clinics. will help you find and book a physio in under 60 seconds.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists help improve someone’s quality of life, this may be through the improvement of function, independence or pain relief.

Physiotherapists are also trained in helping you get the most out of life, through improvements in performance, strength, mobility and flexibility. You may see a physiotherapist if you are suffering from pain and stiffness, reduced mobility or if you are concerned about injury and wish to work on prevention strategies.

It is the job of a physiotherapist to listen to your individual needs and tailor their treatment and approach accordingly. A physiotherapist is the most experienced and well-trusted health practitioner to deal with any aches or pains. Physio’s are what is known as “first contact practitioners”, this means that you do not need a referral from a GP, simply call or book online to see your local physio.

You can find your local physio using our simple search function, just type your location and find an availability that suits you!

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What can physio do?

Physiotherapists are skilled at helping you improve your quality of life by looking at all the details. It is important to use physical exercise as a tool to help improve movement, strength and therefore pain.=

Your health is your number one asset, and physiotherapists can help you get the most out of it. Your local physio will help you set goals, and create a plan to achieve those goals!

Early intervention is key, the quicker you address your problem - the quicker a solution can be found. This will also give you the best chance of preventing any further problems down the road.

What qualifications are required to practice as a physiotherapist?

To become a physiotherapist, the minimum requirement is either a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate program, approved by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

Upon completion of the degree, all physiotherapists must register with The Australian Health Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You can rest assured knowing that all of the physiotherapists on are registered with AHPRA, if you want peace of mind, and wish to look up your physio, you can do that here.

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Just the other day, I really began to suffer pain in my left index finger at tennis - pain has been getting worse and I think I will struggle to work today.

As a 67 year old retiree, I'm now a regular golfer and injured my shoulder last Thursday. Desperate for a Brisbane physio clinic near me who can fix my problem today.

My partner hurt herself decorating the house last Saturday; her pain continues to get worse, we're after a local physio with availability.

In pain and want a physio clinic in Melbourne, preferably someone who is an expert in treating plantar fasciitis.

The migraine I get occasionally is worse again, I am new to Perth, so I am in need of a physio nearby.

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