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Mount Isa Physio and your team of experienced physios take pride in delivering holistic physio treatment, striving for a great outcome!

We can also help patients in Mount Isa, and as your clinic, we have treated 2453 local residents in the last six months. Our team are great at treating chronic issues, tendinopathy and tennis elbow as a result of a work injury. No matter your occupation, if you're a barista, cartographer or waitress suffering from back pain or recently injured yourself. Request an appointment with our experienced physiotherapists in Mount Isa straight away!

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What is BookPhysio

Book a Physio is a digital platform created with the sole purpose of connecting patients with local physiotherapists in and around Mount Isa and the country. Our site can allow you to make an appointment with just a couple of clicks! If you are in Mount Isa, we'll connect you with a highly recommended physio locally. With the click of a button, get access to treatment for your injury. Search your nearest location, select the time in Mount Isa that works!

Who is BookPhysio for?

BookPhysio is focused on helping locals in Mount Isa searching for a physiotherapist. Our digital platform was created to assist people in Mount Isa book an appointment with a nearby physio. You could be in an office, a dentist, or a rheumatologist, we will connect you and a physio in Mount Isa who can treat your current issue.

Why BookPhysio?

In the event you are suffering from hand pain, knee bursitis or mortons neuroma and have need for a physio in Mount Isa immediately. Our free platform makes the process less complicated, you can book an appointment with ease. If you have got recent injury that's holding you back - don't wait, secure a time with one of our physiotherapists!

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Started suffering acute pain in upper glutes at Crossfit training on Wednesday. I am searching for a physio in Mount Isa that has lots of experience.

My partner physiotherapist in Mount Isa, I would like a physiotherapist experienced with eliminating patella tendonitis.

I'm a 44 year old hiker and felt pain in the side of my ankle last Thursday. I'm desperate for a Mount Isa physiotherapy clinic who is an expert treating my type of physical issue this Sunday if possible.

As a busy mum, I'm constantly aggravating my knee pain. I need someone in Mount Isa available to see me.

Last Wednesday, I severely injured my left index finger at basketball - it is worse in the morning and I am struggling to move.

Wifey injured herself renovating the bathroom last weekend; her pain isn't improving, searching for a physiotherapist that can help.

I have shoudler bursitis, and need a physio today.

I did some reseach and think I've got pes planus, I need to book a Mount Isa physiotherapist nearby that can treat me.

My right leg pain flared up on the weekend, I'm new to Mount Isa, accordingly, I need to find a physio.

I need an appointment with a physiotherapist nearby who is available on Thursday.

Is it possible to see a Mount Isa physio that can treat me next week?

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