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Maryborough Physiotherapy and our empathetic staff provide individualised physical therapy, helping you regain independence and be pain-free once more!

Our team assists patients in Maryborough, and we have helped 3135 clients in the previous six months. Our team are experts in ankle pain, rotator cuff tears and sports injuries. Our practitioners can help regardless of your occupation, whether you're a dietitian, cartographer or cardiologist continuing to deal with lower back pain or were unsure where to turn. Contact us to book an appointment in Maryborough right away!

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What is BookPhysio

Book a Physio is an online platform designed to link patients with highly-skilled physical therapists across Maryborough and surrounds. The Book Physio platform has the details for you to find an appointment asap! If you are in Maryborough, we can make a booking with a highly recommended physio near you. Straight away you can, find someone now for your injury. Decide where abouts you want your appointment, and select a time in Maryborough today!

Who is BookPhysio for? is focused on assisting patients in Maryborough in need of physiotherapy. Our digital platform began with the goal to assist patients from all backgrounds book a time with a physio. You may be a diver, a gardener, or a neurosurgeon, our system can connect you with a physio clinic in Maryborough who can treat your problem.

Why BookPhysio?

You may be dealing with hand pain, a heel spur or biceps tendonitis and be in need of a Maryborough physiotherapist tomorrow. This free platform makes the booking process simple, you can book an available appointment in less than a minute. If you have got an existing injury that's preventing you from having fun - don't delay, book in with our team!

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Started getting pain in hamstrings playing squash on Friday. I need to find a Maryborough physiotherapist that has an appointment today.

Can I find a physiotherapy clinic in Maryborough, that isn't too far from me and is capable of curing tendinopathy.

I'm a 47 year old social swimmer and felt a tight pull in the ankle last Tuesday. I really need an appointment with a local Maryborough physio who can treat my issue tomorrow morning.

Working as a store clerk, I constantly struggle with wrist pain. I need someone in Maryborough available.

On Monday, I started to notice stiffness in my heel at rugby - the pain is worsening and I don't think I'll be able to get to work.

My girlfriend injured herself going for a run last Monday; her pain continues to get worse, needing a local physio that will treat her.

Diagnosed with de quervain's tenosynovitis, and want a physio.

On the weekend I was diagnosed with a bulging disc, need to book a Maryborough physiotherapist near me with a free time slot.

Acute pain in my ribcage flared up on the weekend, I am new to Maryborough, accordingly, I need a local physiotherapist.

My daughter wants a physiotherapist local to me who is open on the weekend.

Can I see a physiotherapist who can assess my injury on Sunday?

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