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Mandurah Physio Clinic and our fantastic team provide specific and tailored patient treatment, helping you regain independence and be pain-free once more!

We can also help patients in Mandurah, and having assisted 3037 people in the last 6 months. Our team are experts in hip pain, shoulder bursitis and tennis elbow from overwork. If you're a vocalist, florist or naturopath struggling with upper back pain or been dealing with your injury for a while. Request an appointment with our experienced physiotherapists in Mandurah today!

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What is BookPhysio

BookPhysio is a booking website for people, built to connect them with available physiotherapists in Mandurah and our wonderful country. allows you to make a time with just a couple of clicks! Being in Mandurah, we can book a physio in your area. With the click of a button, gain access to treatment for your current pain. Type in the best location for you, and find a time in Mandurah that suits!

Who is BookPhysio for?

BookPhysio is aimed at helping patients in Mandurah searching for a physio. This platform is designed to help people in Mandurah find a local physio clinic. You may be out on site, a tailor, or a lawyer, our booking site can connect you and a Mandurah physiotherapy clinic who can fix your pain.

Why BookPhysio?

If you have shoulder pain, a high ankle sprain or muscle pain and require a physiotherapist in Mandurah on the weekend. Book Physio has made booking a physio easy, you are able to secure an available appointment with no fuss. You may have a new issue that's delaying your activities - don't hold off, find a time with one of our Mandurah physios!

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I knew I injured my calf doing martial arts on Friday. Can you find me a Mandurah physio clinic that has a time free today.

I want a Mandurah physio, who has experience in fixing itb syndrome.

I'm a 41 year old lawn bowls enthusiast and felt a tingling sensation in my shoulder on the weekend. I am in desperate need of a physio in Mandurah who can treat my issue today.

As a builder, I always have arm pain. I need a physio with a free timeslot.

Last Monday, I started to notice stiffness in my lower right back at touch footy - it is worse at night and now I can't even move without pain.

My partner hurt herself playing on the trampoline the previous Thursday; her injury isn't improving, we are searching for a nearby physiotherapy clinic who can help her out.

Struggling with golfers elbow, and my friend suggested I see a physiotherapist on Friday.

In doing some reading, I think I've got sciatica, need to book a nearby physio in Mandurah who can help me.

My right leg pain is continuing to flare up, I have recently relocated to Mandurah, so I need to find a physio local to me.

I want a physiotherapist in the area that's available on the weekend.

Is it possible to see a Mandurah physio who's open after hours?

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