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Logan Physio and our empathetic practitioners take an individualised approach to hands-on therapy, helping you get back on your feet!

We help patients in Logan, and with our clinic proudly treating 486 patients during the last month. Our team are experts in neck issues, doms and issues relating to a poor ergonomic setup. Pain knows no bounds, whether you're a panel beater, florist or fencer struggling with upper back pain or been dealing with your injury for a while. Book a time with us in Logan today!

Logan's Best Physiotherapy Clinics: The Top 10

Top 10 Physio clinics in Logan based on our sorting system. Last updated July, 2021

What is BookPhysio

Book Physio is a platform online made to help patients connect with the top physiotherapy clinics near Logan and the country. Our booking site will help you to find an appointment asap! If you are in Logan, we will connect you with the best physio in your area. With the click of a button, get access to someone now for your current pain. Decide where abouts you want your appointment, and select the appointment in Logan that suits!

Who is BookPhysio for?

BookPhysio prioritises helping anyone in Logan searching for a physio. Our digital platform aims to help patients from all backgrounds book a time with a experienced physio. You may be a linesmen, an undertaker, or a lifeguard, our site can connect you with a Logan physio who will assess and treat your pain.

Why BookPhysio?

You may be dealing with thigh pain, peroneal tendonitis or DOMS and be in need of a physio in Logan on the weekend. has streamlined the physio booking process, you can now find, then book an appointment without hassle. It may be an existing injury that's preventing you from having fun - do not delay, secure a time with one of our physiotherapists!

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I really began to suffer pain in my groin during a gym session the previous Tuesday. I'm looking for a female Logan physiotherapist that has lots of experience.

My husband needs a Logan physio, I would like a physiotherapist experienced with treating plantar fasciitis.

I'm a 48 year old regular golfer and felt a tingling sensation in my hand two weeks ago. I really need an appointment with a local Logan physio who knows how to treat my issue at once.

Whilst working in hospitality, I forever have lower back issues. I need a physio with an appointment available today.

Last week, I hurt the soft area of my upper arm at basketball - it is worse at night and now my work doesn't want me to risk coming in.

My fiance injured her lower arm decorating the house three weeks ago; her injury remains the same, looking for the top local physio that can help.

I have rolled my ankle, and my GP suggested to see a local physio.

The specialist diagnosed me with a meniscus tear in my knee, I really need a physio near me in Logan that will treat me.

My migraine is getting worse, my wife and I have just moved to Logan, accordingly, I am in need of a physiotherapist.

My son needs an appointment with a local physio that can see me asap.

Is it possible to see a Logan physio who will treat me soon?

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