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Melbourne CBD Physio and our hard-working team take pride in our approach to manual therapy, caring for all of our patients and their individual needs!

We service patients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and the team have proudly helped 6313 locals over the last year. We predominantly treat knee pain, achilles tendinopathy and sporting related injuries. If you're a gastroenterologist, osteopath or ranger suffering from lower back pain or were unsure where to turn. Make a time with our professional physiotherapists immediately!

What is BookPhysio is a booking platform made to help patients connect with close by practitioners across Melbourne City and our wonderful country. The BookPhysio site has the options for you to make a time today! If you're in Melbourne CBD, Sydney or Melbourne, we can book the top physio in your area. In under 60 seconds, find someone asap for your current issue. Decide where abouts you want your appointment, and select a time that is perfect for you!

Who is BookPhysio for? prioritises helping people in Melbourne CBD searching for physiotherapy. Our network began with the goal to assist patients in Melbourne CBD find a time with a physio nearby. You could be out on site, a radiographer, or a shearer, our booking site will connect you with a physio clinic in Melbourne CBD who will assess and treat your current problem.

Why BookPhysio?

In the event you are suffering from neck pain, achilles tendinopathy or muscle pain and desire a physiotherapist in Melbourne City right away. Our free platform makes the booking process easy, you can now book an available time swiftly. Whether it's a new injury that's the source of your pain - don't hold off, secure an appointment one of our Melbourne CBD team members!

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Started getting pain in quads when I was at the gym last Saturday. I'm looking for a physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne City offering no gap.

My husband is looking for a Melbourne CBD physio, who has experience in alleviating tendinopathy.

As a 67 year old retiree, I'm now a regular golfer and felt a tingling sensation in my left foot on Monday. I am in desperate need of a physio in Melbourne City who knows how to treat my issue today.

I'm a bricklayer, so, there is usually some lower back pain. I am looking for someone in Melbourne CBD who can help me.

Last Wednesday, I suffered from pain in the middle back at rugby - my injury is getting worse and now work will be difficult.

My partner hurt herself on the way to work last Friday; her pain isn't improving, she needs a physio in the area who can help her out.

Diagnosed with de quervain's tenosynovitis, and want to see a nearby physiotherapist.

My specialist said I have golfers elbow, I need to book a local physiotherapist in Melbourne City that can help.

My back pain continues to get worse, I have relocated to Melbourne CBD, so I'm in need of a physio nearby.

My son needs to see a local physiotherapist who can treat me on Tuesday.

Can I see a physiotherapist who's open this afternoon?

I want to locate a physio, near me in Melbourne City, but I am willing to travel to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. I require a session after 5pm today.

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