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Abbotsford physiotherapists near you (availabilities today)

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Looking for a local physio in Abbotsford? is Australia's #1 physiotherapy booking site created to assist patients in finding a suitable availability with our easy to use platform. has clinics near Abbotsford, Collingwood and Fitzroy. Whether you have knee pain, postural issues or any other pain or injury, find an availability today.
I noticed tightness in my neck at the gym three weeks ago. I am looking for a Abbotsford physio offering no gap.
I am a 43 year old social swimmer and felt pain in my elbow three weeks ago. I'm desperate for a Abbotsford physiotherapy clinic who can treat my issue at once.
Whilst working as a writer, I continue to aggravate my shoulder problems. I need to find a physio in Abbotsford available to see me.
My husband needs a physio clinic in Abbotsford, hopefully someone who is an expert in alleviating sprained ankles.
I need to locate a physio, near Abbotsford, no more than a 6 minute drive of Collingwood, Fitzroy or Abbotsford. I require a time on Thursday.
On Saturday, I suffered from pain in the middle back at golf - pain is worsening and I don't think I'll be able to get to work.
My fiance injured her lower arm going for a run a couple of hours ago; her pain remains the same, looking for the best physio available.
Found out I've got a heel spur, and want a physiotherapist on Thursday.
I might have bursitis of the knee, gotta find a physio nearby in Abbotsford that can treat me.
The pain in my glutes got worse on Monday, I have recently relocated to Abbotsford, so I'm in need of a local physiotherapist.
Our son is looking for a physiotherapist that will see me asap.
Is it possible to see a physio in Abbotsford that can treat me on Monday?

How much does a Abbotsford physio cost?

The cost varies for initial consultations between $86 and $118, with the average physio in Abbotsford around $102.

Is a referral required for physiotherapy?

It is not necesary to have a referral to see a local physio in Abbotsford.

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Associated state: VIC
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