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Searching for a physio appointment in Maitland near you? is the go-to place to assist patients looking for the top physio's today. Find a clinic with a suitable time in Maitland, Cooloongup and Baldivis. and treat your pain or injury, whether you have elbow pain, plantar fasciitis or other musculoskeletal injuries, find an availability today.
I noticed tightness in my groin playing squash on Wednesday. Is there a physiotherapy clinic in Maitland that will fix me fast.
I need a Maitland physiotherapy clinic, it would be helpful if they were good at treating ACL tears.
I'm a 47 year old skateboarder and injured the soft part of my foot on Friday. I need a Maitland physio who is an expert treating my type of physical issue tomorrow at lunchtime.
As a plumber, there is always some underlying painful knees. I need a physio with a free timeslot.
Last weekend, I started sufferring from a strain in my middle back at rugby - my injury is flaring up and I reckon work is going to be too hard.
My girlfriend injured herself playing on the trampoline five weeks ago; her pain has not gotten any better, can someone recommend a talented physio who can help her out.
I've been told I have trochanteric bursitis, I need to book a physio near me in Maitland that will treat me.
Diagnosed with mortons neuroma, and my doctor said I need a physiotherapist on Thursday.
My right leg pain is getting worse, I moved to Maitland, and I need a new local physiotherapist.
It would be great to see a physiotherapist near me that is open on Wednesday.
Can I see a Maitland physio who will treat me next week?

Is a referral required for physiotherapy?

It is not necesary to have a referral to see a local physio in Maitland.

What is the price of a physiotherapy appointment in Maitland?

Most physios charge between $92 and $121, with the average cost of a physio in Maitland around $107.

Associated state: NSW
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