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Jordyn D (4.9)

Booked an appointment with a post-op physiotherapist in Canberra utlising BookPhysio.com. They treated my knee after surgery. Highly recommended!

Reid ACT 2612

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Leah B (4.8)

I found a fantastic post-op physiotherapy clinic I could trust, using BookPhysio.com.

Cooma ACT

Luke W (4.6)

My wrist pain was relieved after one session!

Deakin ACT

Allison B (5)

I no longer suffer from whiplash after booking a clinic using BookPhysio.com.

Red Hill ACT

Damien E (4.6)

It was great to find an experienced post-op physiotherapy clinic in Reid.

Reid ACT

Ken F (4.6)

I’m back playing cricket after one session with a local post-op physiotherapy clinic.

Deakin ACT

Paige I (4.8)

I found a physio team in Belconnen who helped me with my whiplash. BookPhysio.com was great!

Belconnen ACT

Holly W (4.5)

I injured myself playing cricket and I was able to find a local post-op physiotherapy clinic in Forrest straight away using Book Physio.

Forrest ACT

Hailey D (4.8)

My frozen shoulder already feels better after visiting a clinic in Deakin. Book Physio made the process simple.

Deakin ACT

Olivia J (4.8)

I’ve been suffering from shoulder pain for ages, I was able to book a local physio in Campbell and get the help I needed!

Campbell ACT

Walter W (4.5)

I found a post-op physio clinic in Bruce who helped me with my shoulder pain. I’m so grateful!

Bruce ACT

What is BookPhysio.com?

BookPhysio is a booking site, made to connect people with skilled post-op physiotherapy clinics across Canberra and Australia. Like a referral from a friend, BookPhysio has the data for you to make a appointment with a nearby post-op physiotherapy clinic! Wherever you are in Canberra, we’ll connect you with the best post-op physiotherapy clinic near you. In 60 seconds, gain access to treatment options for your problem. Enter your nearest location in Canberra, and select a time that suits you.

Who is BookPhysio.com for?

BookPhysio.com is designed to help anyone in Canberra searching for post-op physio. BookPhysio.com was built to help patients from all walks of life connect with a close by post-op physio. Whether you’re a tradie, a nurse, or a designer, Book Physio can connect you with a post-op physio and help you with your problem.

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